We offer innovations to our customers with fabric and washing partnership.
There are two manufacturers we work with. Denim Team and BayModa.


Baymoda non-denim (piece paint), polyviscose-woven fabric, our annual production volume is 500.000 pcs (+ -)

We work with Denimce on denim production and our annual production volume is 500.000 pcs (+ -)

As its known, Fashion Indusstry evolves with advancing technology, to keep up with it, we present our first samples with different washing techniques according to latest trends.
We get one on one information Bossa, Çalık Denim, Orta, Santanderina ve Tusa ile We get one-on-one information Bossa, Çalık Denim, Orta, Santanderina and Tusa about innovations and make our fabric choices accordingly
Sustainable, Organic and EIM Score techniques are applied to our products

Sustainable; It is a technique that is used without tiring the products by using less energy and less water.

Organic;  It is a washing technique that is eco friendly.


EIM Score; The EIM score assesses the environmental influences that come into effect in industrial washing. The result is of course presented using a traffic light system. The assessment considers the categories of water, energy and chemicals. The effects are clearly categorised in green, orange and red.

EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement) Software, developed by Jeanologia, is the first to measure the environmental footprint of garment finishing processes. It is a powerful self-accreditation tool that allows us to monitor the amount of water, chemicals and energy used in the production of each of our garments, as well as the impact they may have on workers’ health.

We use it is to measure the current environmental impact of our garments, setting targets to build more sustainable processes.

“If there is no measurement, there is no improvement”


Inspired by the past, using the most advanced technology of the present, to build a sustainable future.

This means that this garment has needed less water, less energy and less chemicals for its production, always taking good care of the workers.

Measured EIM software



Jeanologia is the world leader in sustainable and efficient finishing technologies for textiles. Its transformational technologies help to reduce water use, energy consumption, emissions, and waste guaranteeing zero contamination.


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